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Target the lower back, hip and glutes with this RAPTOR hyper extension bench.

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The RAPTOR hyper extension bench, sometimes called a roman chair, is one of the best lower back exercisers available. This bench helps to strengthen and condition lower back muscles as well as obliques and abdominal muscles. The adjustable hip pads make it suitable for users of all heights, maximizing comfort and effectiveness, while minimizing strain. Designed for both home and commercial usage, the RAPTOR hyper extension bench is the only bench you need to improve ab strength, eliminate lower back pain, and increase flexibility.

The bench has:
– Adjustable pads – hip pads are fully adjustable for maximum support and comfort
– Sturdy handles for stability
– Foam rollers to cushion your legs
– Powder coated steel design

Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 80 × 90 cm
Primary color

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Iridium, White, Yellow

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