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Rack L


Rack L is a professional fitness machine from the RAPTOR / RAPTOR Line of TITAN FITNESS, suitable for gyms, sports centers and has the ability to be integrated at home, thanks to its compact size for this class of equipment. The rack offers the opportunity to perform a wide range of exercises, loading all muscle groups.

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Rack L is made of high quality certified steel with double powder coating.

Basic features:

Rack L, type square, includes;

– Reinforced base;
– Four columns;
– Swedish wall;
– Straight lever for pull ups;
– Set of hooks.

This rack allows upgrades with additional modules / attachments in each subsequently stage. You can add to the rack the desired additional attachments such as a parallel bar, step up platform, fuses and all other accessories from RAPTOR Line.

Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 135 × 165 × 230 cm
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